About us

At Geothermal Design, designing and installing geothermal systems is not just a “side-line”, it’s our TOTAL business. It’s that same dedication to the technology that has helped us become one of the largest geothermal contractors in Indiana.  Our goal is to design and install geothermal systems that provides year round comfort, efficiency, and reliability for our customers and their families.


Geothermal System Design

Each and every geothermal project begins with a complete and comprehensive design.  This ensures that the equipment, ductwork, loop and accessories are selected to meet the unique and specific needs of our customer's home or business.

Correct and accurate heating and cooling loads assessment using Manual J computerized software, then calculate the exact heating and cooling requirement of the home

Existing homes: we take the time to measure your home (windows, doors, attic, basement, etc.) and gather important insulation and infiltration information. This allows us to calculate the heating and cooling needs of the home. We can also provide software evaluations for the cost effectiveness of adding insulation or reducing air leakage to further enhance the energy efficiency of the home and the geothermal system.

New homes: working from your blueprints we assess wall, window, roof and foundation square footage, as well as insulation and infiltration values to precisely calculate the heating and cooling needs of the home. We can also utilize our software to assist in the evaluation of the various insulation types and amounts as the new home’s energy package is selected.

State of the art software evaluation and sizing of geothermal equipment Insures optimum system efficiency

While some heating contractors may simply "guess" at a home’s heating and cooling loads and equipment sizing, we provide comprehensive software evaluations.  This includes various geothermal unit capacities and models, as well as various loop and accessory types to provide our prospective customers the opportunity to select the best geothermal system for their home or business

Duct work design and evaluation

Even the most efficient geothermal unit cannot do its job properly if the air delivery system is not properly sized and installed.  Using Manual D ductwork design criteria, we evaluate the ductwork in existing homes and make recommendations and installation changes to insure that the geothermal system will deliver comfortable and even airflow throughout the home.  For new homes, Manual D ductwork design criteria is utilized to design and install a complete air delivery system that allows all rooms on all levels of the home to enjoy the optimal comfort.



Professional installations and service

With over 196 years combined experience, our team of “geothermal only” technicians are specialists at completing each geothermal installation with professional and precise workmanship so that each geothermal system will provide many years of reliable and efficient operation. 

Installed by our own expertly trained technicians, our loop lengths are longer and deeper to provide warmer heating loop temperatures and higher efficiencies.  Our loops are installed using our own specially designed trench box to safely and efficiently install the loop piping precisely as designed.